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Fishermen at Sunset



Over 960 acres, Nest Lake has an interesting variety of fishing water with many bays and points protected from the winds by a high shore line. It has depths to 42 feet and many shallow weed beds, heavy with vegetation, making good spawning areas that maintain the high quality of fishing enjoyed here.


Walleyes, Northern Pike, Bass, Sunfish, Crappies, Perch and Bullheads make up the fish population. Nest Lake is fed by the Little Crow River and drains into Green Lake at an outlet dam. Nest Lake has two small islands, the larger about a couple of acres.

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The DNR Compass is a multifunction tool for viewing area lakes.
Click on the link and type in "Spicer" for a view of the Spicer area.

Below are quick links to DNR information about lakes in the Spicer area.


Nest Lake Survey / Map

East Solomon Survey / Map

Green Lake Survey / Map

Diamond Lake Survey / Map

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