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Best Lakefront Activities the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Happy cheerful family at the pier near the water having fun

With so much to accomplish on a lake holiday, it might be tough to figure out how to organize with the kids. This post should contain activities, outdoor excursions, and attractions that appeal to all family members. Every parent should know what a perfect weekend for the entire family would look like.

Whether looking for a relaxing weekend away or an exciting vacation destination, lakefront activities are sure to delight all ages. From fishing to catch-your-own s'mores, these activities are perfect for the whole family. They will also keep the kids entertained all day.

Make sure to bring your camera along to capture all the fun! Then, head back to camp for a night of storytelling around a campfire!

Ideal Weekend for A Family Getaway

If you plan a weekend getaway for your family, consider a trip to one of the many lakefront resorts. These accommodations are family-friendly. Some hotels even offer water sports like paddle boarding, tubing, and parasailing. You can also find many family-friendly options for water-related activities, such as kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and pedal boating.

You can rent a lakefront cabin to spend family time on the lake. Several options include a two-bedroom, four-bathroom cabin that sleeps 12 guests.

Many of these properties feature a private dock, screened-in porch, and a fireplace. You can even stream movies and TV shows at home. You'll have everything you need to have a relaxing weekend.


 Best Lakefront Activities the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Fishing is an activity that is fun for the whole family to participate in. Not only can you spend quality time outdoors with the family, but you can also teach your children about fish and the ecosystem they live in. Kids will also enjoy learning about how to catch fish. So whether you want to spend time with your kids or you would like to go on a fishing trip with them, fishing is one of the best activities to do together.

On the water, people come together in a variety of ways. You create lifelong memories and friendships when you experience the thrill of a first capture or the beautiful scenery of a new river with your family or fishing buddies.

Fishing is a fun activity for all ages, and you can even take the family to explore the area. In addition to fishing, you can also visit the town's historic buildings and learn more about its history.

Catch a Show

Many activities keep the whole family entertained, including seeing a show at nearby theaters and catching a free show by catching a live performance in neighboring parks. There are also lots of family-friendly concerts at various neighborhood parks.

For example, one of the unique features of the New London/Spicer area is the Little Crow Water Ski Team. This team provides a weekly show during the summertime, offering visitors and residents a chance to enjoy some great entertainment.


Aside from being an excellent physical activity, kayaking is also a perfect way for the whole family to reconnect with nature. Modern society is suffering from a nature-deficit disorder, and kayaking is a great way to make up for this shortage. Even infants and toddlers can safely ride in a kayak in the cockpit with their parents. Sit-on-top kayaks are also perfect for kids, making them an excellent platform for jumping into the water and swimming.

There are many different types of kayaks available, and there is sure to be one that will suit everyone's skill level. The best place for beginners is a flat, calm river. Once you've mastered that, you can venture to more challenging areas. The best part is that you can do this with your entire family, regardless of skill level.


Happy cheerful family at the pier near the water having fun

There's nothing better than lighting a fire in the hearth and letting the dancing flames wash your cares away. The occasional snap, crackle, or pop will lull you into complete relaxation. There are a variety of games to play.

There are misters and flowing water structures to keep the kids cool. Kids can also enjoy the campfire circle at night. The best part about these activities is that the whole family can participate. Take a moment to recognize how amazing it is that you can use the fire you're sitting around to keep you warm and help you live a better and more fulfilled life!

The Takeaway

In addition to camping and water activities, packing for a lake vacation also usually includes hiking or at least nature walks. Before you leave on your trip, look up the history of the area surrounding the lake so that you can have something interesting to talk about with your family if they don't want to hike in silence. You might even get to show off some survival skills along the way!

Many lakes have accessible trails that the whole family can enjoy. You can take the kids out for a hike after lunch and then do a longer hike in the early morning with only adults. If you walk around the lake, you're bound to find many picturesque locations worthy of being framed and hung up when you get home- providing everyone with great memories of the trip.

Consider a day trip to one of the several lakefront resorts, such as Island View Resort, if you plan a holiday for your family. Island View Resort on the lovely Nest lake has been a go-to vacation spot for many years! Aside from the already picturesque scenery, you can expect to be greeted by new owners passionate about creating a hospitable environment complete with fun activities, cozy lodgings, and plenty of opportunities to relax.

Make your memories with us! Our elegant, tree-shaded grounds with nicely-spaced cabins allow for some intimate relaxation! Contact us now for reservations.

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