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  • Jessica Zanke

The Best Restaurants to Explore Near Spicer/New London

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If you’re staying at Island View Resort, explore the food scenes nearby. Because aside from its stunning nature and gorgeous hiking trails, this region is packed with diverse cuisines and unique experiences, with most of its best restaurants featuring tasty vegan options, too!

And whether you want a tasting menu, fine dining, or a quick bite at a local pizza place, these top picks will help you choose the perfect spot.

So, after a long day of lakeside activities, you should follow our guide and savor the best Spicer and New London specialties!

1. Spicer American Legion

The Spicer American Legion may be an ideal choice if you’re looking for a newly renovated dining room with a spectacular view of Green Lake. No need to be a Legion member to enter.

Aside from its famous broasted chicken and Walleye, this local restaurant offers a wide variety of menu items as well as a rich salad bar featuring homemade soups and salads.

The Spicer American Legion Has the Friendliest Staff!

The service in this place is fantastic, leaving every guest pleased and eager to pay another visit. And if you’re in a hurry, this restaurant offers take-out - so you can relish their delicious meals in the comfort of Island View Resort’s cabin.

The Spicer Legion is open Mon through Sat from 11 am – 1 pm with daily lunch and dinner specials.

2. Alley on Ash

Those who seek a cozy place for a quick bite will be in for a pleasant surprise once they visit Alley on Ash. Handmade pizzas, as well as juicy burgers with quality cheese and toppings, are the main specialty items to try if you pay a trip to this local restaurant. And those with a sweet tooth will fall head over heels for their Riley Bread!

Handmade pizzas  and Riley Bread

Its diverse menu offers many appetizers and meal options. There is also a menu for specials that changes weekly. Check them out!

Alley on Ash Is Among the Best Restaurants for Family Fun!

If you need a laid-back, family-friendly restaurant to add to your itinerary when visiting the area with children, this place has you covered. It has good food, drinks, and even bowling, making it perfect for a casual visit.

3. Westwood Cafe

If you are looking for the best breakfast in central Minnesota, Westwood Café will certainly not disappoint!

The restaurant’s menu offers the best of everything, from french toast and eggs to carnita skillets. They also have many gluten-free meals and lots of finger-licking menu highlights for vegans.

And lastly, according to guests, their Sweet Rolls are something you will crave!

Westwood Cafe is Ideal for a Brunch!

This welcoming restaurant offers American cuisine for breakfast, brunch, and lunch - so be sure to get there early. They are open 7 days a week from 7 am – 2 pm.

4. Zorbaz on the Lake

Stranger Things brought 80s nostalgia back, and Zorbaz has been doing the same for the Spicer / New London area for decades. It originates from the early 70s, established as a local candy store.

It was named after the legendary Zorba the Greek, amazingly portrayed by Anthony Quinn around the time this place opened.

But now, Zorbaz is so much more - from a cocktail bar to a great place to grab a slice of pizza or a burrito.

Zorbaz Offers Ageless Entertainment!

Luckily, Zorbaz’s old charm has never vanished, making it one of the best restaurants near the Island View Resort, with a vintage feel and arcade games.

The stunning view of the Green Lake adds to its enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere - made to complete a couple’s getaway or family vacation.

You can visit it every day for extended hours. Zorbaz opens at 11 am and closes at 2 am.

5. O-Neil’s

O’Neil’s ideal choice for a great atmosphere, great food, and an outdoor patio.

O’Neil’s is the ultimate place to connect over memorable, quality, and classic inspired dishes as well as inventive new daily features.

O’Neil’s Offers a Fun, Casual Atmosphere

Enjoy a remarkable view of Green Lake from O’Neil’s outdoor patio and enjoy live music every Sunday afternoon from 3 to 6!

6. The New London American Legion

The New London American Legion may be an ideal choice if you’re looking for a cozy dining room in the old town’s center to enjoy a spectacular view of the Crow River.

Aside from its mouth-watering ribs and steaks, this local restaurant offers a huge selection of quality drinks and a salad bar

New London American Legion is a popular favorite for locals!

The only New London American Legion’s downside is that they do not open until 3 pm Mon-Thursday, and they are closed on Sundays.

Did you enjoy our quick guide to the best cuisine around? If you’re visiting the Spicer and New London region, book a cabin at Island View Resort and have a blast! Call 507-276-9783 today!


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